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Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New

Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New
Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New

Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New   Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New

Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Proterk Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New. The instruction manual is in Japanese. You may have to download the English manual at maker's homepage.

Continuing advances in technology and design "PRO TREK (Protrek)", the PRW -50 series features the popular PRW -60, designed with the arabic index, rather than the "Climber Line (Climber Line)" which is designed for downsizing and usability with significant downsizing. Thoroughly pursued visibility based on the PRW -60, which achieved a significant reduction in size through the integration of the canopy and the back lid that connect the case and the band. Both hour hand and hour hand are designed with excellent visibility. The combination of a matte dial with less glare and an arabic index with a phosphorescent paint embedded in the recess creates a slim needle silhouette and high visibility. In pursuit of the design as a gear, the outside wild side of the outdoor is engraved with thick notches on the outer periphery of the bezel to create a mechanic feel. This time we have a lineup of 4 models including band variations. The PRW -50 Y is a 2 models of standard face black and classic ivory dial with enhanced wearing comfort using the dula-soft band which is excellent in low temperature resistance. In terms of functionality, it is equipped with the triple sensor Ver. 3, which realizes azimuth, pressure, temperature and altitude measurement with high-precision sensor technology. In addition to the tough solar which converts light into power and stably drives various functions, it is equipped with the multiband 6 which automatically corrects the time corresponding to the standard wave of 6 stations in the world, and it is useful for a wide range of scenes from outdoor scenes to daily use.

Going back to the origin of analog models, gave priority to visibility, which is the original purpose of watches, and we made it simple and sturdy with particular attention to shape, color and texture. The new model, which pursues usability as a real tool, has a presence in a wide range of scenes from the outdoors.

STN LCD with high visibility. Triple sensor capable of measuring azimuth, altitude, pressure and temperature. Multiband 6 that receives standard radio waves from 6 stations around the world (Japan 2 bureaus, China, US, UK, Germany) and automatically corrects the time. Low-temperature specification (-10 ° C). Combining an electronic crown switch with a sensational control and a multi-motor drive that drives the hour, minute, and second hands independently, it is possible to use various functions smoothly "Smart Access".

Automatic needle position correction function. Hybrid mounting structure to improve the durability of the movement.

Needle retraction function to automatically move the needle from the digital display temporarily when the needle overlaps the liquid crystal when measuring altitude, pressure and temperature. Full Auto Double LED Light (dial: neon illuminator, LCD: LED light). Slide lever type durasoft band.

Case bezel material: Resin/Stainless steel. Tough Solar (Solar charging system). Radio wave reception function: automatic reception (Up to 6 times/day) (Up to 5 times a day)/manual reception.

Reception wave : JJY, Frequency : 40 kHz/60 kHz (Models for both Fukushima and Kyushu stations). Waves: WWVB, Frequency: 60 kHz. MSF/DCF: 77, Frequency: 77.5 kHz/60 kHz. Radio wave: BPC, frequency: 68.5 kHz If the home time setting is set to a city where reception is possible, the station corresponding to the city is received. The time difference is set by the selected city.

Azimuth measurement functions: 16 Measurement of azimuth and bearing angles (60 seconds), Continuous azimuth measurement (0 359 °), north pointing function, magnetic deflection angle correction function, and azimuth correction function. Barometric function (Measured range: 260 to 1,100 hPa), barometric pressure trend graph (Show Last 20 Hours), barometric pressure difference indicator (Measurement range: ± 10 hPa), barometric pressure trend information alarm When a characteristic change in atmospheric pressure occurs, an arrow and a beep sound are used to notify. Altitude measurement function/relative altimeter (Measured range: 700 to 10,000 m), altitude memory Up to 30 units of measurement date, time and altitude manual memory, automatically recorded data: maximum/minimum altitude, auto-accumulated flow (Up/Down) memory, altitude trend graph, altitude difference indicator (± 100 m/± 1000 m), measurement interval setting function (Every 5 seconds/2 minutes) Only for the first 3 minutes, every 1 second. Temperature measuring function (Measured range: 10 60 ° C). World Time: Time display in 29 cities around the world (29 Time Zone with Daylight Savings Time Configuration) + UTC (Universal Coordinated Time), direct UTC calling, home time switching between cities.

Stop Watch (1/100 second, 24 hour clock with split). Timer (Set Unit: 1 minute, Maximum Set: 60 minutes, Measured in 1 second). 5 time alarms and time signals. Needle retraction function Manual, Automatic (During altitude, air pressure and temperature measurement).

Power saving function In a dark place, the display will be turned off after a certain period of time and the hand movement will be stopped to save electricity. Switching to 12/24 hour display. Operation sound ON/OFF switching function. LED dial light Full auto light, neon illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 sec/3 sec). LED backlight for LCD Full auto light, afterglow function, afterglow time switch (1.5 sec/3 sec). Operating time from full charge without solar power generation Functional: Approximately 6 months In power saving state: approximately 25 months Home Time City (Cities with reception function)/Rcvd Tokyo/Japan Standard Wave JJY 40/JJY 60 Standard Wave WWVB, (Honolulu), (Anchorage), Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, New York/USA Standard waves in London, Paris, and Athens/England DCF 77 Hong Kong/China Standard Radio BPC Each city in may receive it if conditions are good. If no signal is received, the camera operates with normal quartz precision (Mean monthly difference ± 15 seconds). Altimeter is a relative altimeter that converts pressure changes to altitude. When the atmospheric pressure changes depending on the weather conditions, the altitude of the measured value also changes. Remove your watch from your arm and avoid body temperature, perspiration (water drop), and direct sunlight when measuring outside temperature. Size (H × W × D)/weight: 70 × 47.2 × 13.3 mm/50.5 g. Please contact the respective post services for more information. When using EMS(Japan Post), if the item comes with a battery, the battery has to be inserted into the body for Japan post policy. We have to declare the actual price and details in the invoice for our company's policy. We are sorry that we could not declare lower price in the invoice or mark the package as a gift or used item. Please make sure to write "Return Item" on the dispatch slip paper when sending back the item to us.

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  1. Department: Men
  2. Movement: Solar
  3. Type: Wristwatch
  4. Brand: Casio

Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New   Casio PRW-50Y-1AJF Protrek Climber Line Solar Watch Japan Domestic Version New